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Bidding the Grand

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 8:03 AM
I was fortunate to have LLOYD ARVEDON as my partner at the SouthEasterns Regional in Coral Springs, Florida last week.  On Tuesday morning, in the A/X Pairs I picked up this rather lovely hand:

         QJT6     65     AKQJ532     ---

I planned to open 1D, continue with 1S if partner responded with 1H and then jump in diamonds to reveal the playing strength of my hand. However, it didn't quite go that way as LHO overcalled 2C.  Not surprising when I am void in the suit.

Lloyd made a negative double so I bid 2S, quite pleased that we had found a major suit fit.  The opponents were silent from that point on.  Now Lloyd bid 3C.  I wasn't sure what was going on here.  Perhaps he had a pretty good hand with hearts, not spades.  I rebid my diamonds showing length in the suit.  Lloyd then jumped to 4NT.  Now, I like to play Minor Suit Key Card when our fit is in a minor, so what exactly was his hand? Well, in the absence of an agreed fit I decided to answer based on my beautiful diamond suit.  After all, Lloyd is the expert, not I. He should be able to figure things out. I had 2 keycards plus the diamond Queen so I answered his 4NT question with 5S.  Lloyd hesitated for a millisecond and boldly bid 7NT.  He won the first trick and announced that he had fifteen tricks.

Here is the whole hand - and the bidding:

                         8754                                    932
                         Q32                                     T87
                         4                                          987
                         QT843                                 J765        

                     Rosie               LHO                 Lloyd               RHO

                      1D                   2C                     X                   P
                      2S                   P                       3C                 P
                      3D                   P                       4NT               P
                      5S                   P                       7NT

The lead was the club 5 (fourth best)  Lloyd said he could win 4 spade tricks, 2 hearts, 7 diamonds and 2 clubs for a total of 15 tricks  :)

Why on earth did LHO bid 2C.  She said she recognized Lloyd and knew the only way to get a good result was to try and cause havoc.  

I've seen a double and cue bid sequence by an overcaller, but this was the first time I had seen it by responder.  Lloyd knew that he had to make bids which were absolutely forcing.

Thank goodness I rose to the challenge.                        

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